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Ball Valve
Ball Valve

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Design & Manufacture
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Fire Safe
Valve Bore
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Face to Face
- BS 5351 / API 6D/ANSI B16:34
- Nace MR 01-75
- MSS SP-53, 55, 59, 94
- BS 6755 Part-I / API 598
- Fire Safe (API 607), Fire Safe (API 6FA) / BS 6755 Part II
- API 6D
- ANSI B16.5 / B16.47 / MSS SP-44
- MSS SP-45 / API 6D
- ANSI B16.11
- ANSI B16.25 / B31.8
- ANSI B 1.20.1 / ANSI B 2.1
- ANSI B16.10 / API-6D
Ball Valve

Valve Type & Configuration

Ball valves shall have a spherical ball that moves in a plane perpendicular to the direction of flow.

Full opening through ball valves shall have a circular bore in the spherical ball that allows a sphere to pass with a nominal size not less than ½" nominal diameter. Reduce opening through Ball valve shall have a semi circular bore in the spherical ball that allows a phere to pass with a nominal size not less than 10" nominal diameter, Unless otherwise specified by customer.

Reduce opening valves with a non circular opening through the spherical ball shall be supplied with a minimum opening as agreed by customer.

Pressure & Temperature Rating

Valves manufactured by Reliable Valves shall be furnished in one of the following classes

- PN 20 (class 150)
- PN 50 (class 300)
- PN 64 (class 400)
- PN 100 (class 600)
- PN 150 (class 900);
- PN 250 (class 1500)
- PN 420 (class 2500);

Pressure-temperature rate is for above class rated valves shall be in accordance to ASME-B 16.34/EN 1092-1, Other than shall be determine for a material properties in accordance with the applicable design standard.


Reliable Valves manufacture Ball valves for ½" to 60" Size

Design Features

Anti-Static Device & Blowout Proof
Anti-static device is formed through metal to metal contact, The stem is grounded against body and ball by separate anti-static spring to avoid from any electric spark. The blow out proof over size stem operate the valve safety even at high differential pressure. A bottom stem seal enabling replacement of gland packing even when valve may under pressure.

Double Block & Bleed
Spring loaded floating seats maintain contact with the ball and provide tight shut off even at low pressure differential. Independent sealing of upstream and downstream sides facilitates draining of fluid from the body cavity, and thus the double block and bleed operation.

Double Body Sealing
Double seal combination of O-Ring and spiral wound gasket ensures perfect body joint sealing. Reliable Valves therefore meet or exceed the fugitive emission requirements across wide range of pressure and temperature applications. Valves are suitable for both above and underground installations.

Multiple Stem Sealing
A triple sealing arrangement in stem area prevents leakage to atmosphere. It includes double sealing with O-rings and graphite seal at the top of stem housing. The blow out of proof stem enables positive stem retention.

Sealant System & Lubricant
Ball valve of size 6” & above shall be provided and emergency sealant injection system if required by customer. The lubricant & sealant fittings are located near seat area & at stem neck. The lubricant sealant entered via inject fitting & pass around the seat ring. The lubricant will lower the torque in valve & sealant will provide sealing for minor damage such as scratches on seal faces.

Fire Safe Design
In the event the fire soft insert gets burnt & spring loaded seats ensure metal to metal sealing.

Corrosion Protection & Painting
All castings are sand blasted & are subject to dewatering oil coats. Valves are thoroughly cleaned & primer coated with epoxy zinc phosphate primer, Followed by final coat of epoxy synthetic enamel applied in semi gloss finish.

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  • ISO 9001: 2008 by Det Norske Veritas A.S.
  • Fire Safe (API 607) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • Fire Safe (API 6FA) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • PED Certificate by DNV A.S.
  • ATEX Certificate by DNV A.S.
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