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Conduit Gate Valve
Conduit Gate Valve

Specifications & Standards

Design & Manufacture
Body & Trim
Casting Inspection
Flange Dimensions
Face to Face
: BS 5351 / API 6D/ANSI B16:34
: Nace MR 01-75
: MSS SP-53, 55, 59, 94
: BS 6755 Part-I / API 598
: ANSI B16.5 / B16.47 / MSS SP-44
: ANSI B16.10 / API-6D

Valve Type & Configuration

Conduit gate valves shall have a clapper / disc / gate that moves in a plane perpendicular to the direction of flow. The gate can be consultations of one Piece for slab conduit gate valves or two or more pieces for expanding gate valves. Conduit gate valves shall be provided with a back seat or secondary stem sealing feature in addition to primary stem seal.

Full opening through conduit valves shall have a circular bore in the gate that allows a sphere to pass with a nominal size not less than ½" nominal diameter. Reduce opening through conduit gate valve shall have a circular bore in the gate that allows a sphere to pass with a nominal size not less than 10" nominal diameter, Unless other wise specified by customer.

Reduce opening valves with a non circular opening through the gate shall be supplied with a minimum opening as agreed by customer.

Pressure & Temperature Rating

Valves manufactured by Reliable Valves shall be furnished in one of the following classes:

- PN 20 (class 150)
- PN 50 (class 300)
- PN 64 (class 400)
- PN 100 (class 600)
- PN 150 (class 900)
- PN 250 (class 1500)
- PN 420 (class 2500)

Pressure-temperature rate is for above class rated valves shall be in accordance to ASME-B 16.34/EN 1092-1, Other than shall be determine for a material properties in accordance with the applicable design standard.



Reliable Valves manufacture conduit gate valves for 2" to 36" Size
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  • ISO 9001: 2008 by Det Norske Veritas A.S.
  • Fire Safe (API 607) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • Fire Safe (API 6FA) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • PED Certificate by DNV A.S.
  • ATEX Certificate by DNV A.S.
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