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Globe Valve
Globe Valve
Reliable Valves Globe Valves are Outside Screw, Rising Stem, Bolted Bonnet Construction, threads are away from the line fluid and easy to lubricate.

Reliable Globe Valves are generally available with Plug Type Disc, which is designed to give leak tight seating over a long period of in built wear life. Reliable Globe valves body seat ring is shoulder type, threaded body seat ring which has large taper area that is for ample seating. Two nos. slots are provided on body seat ring, which is for easy removal for servicing at site. Welded type seat ring & Integral seat ring are also available in Reliable Globe Valve. All Globe Valve stem is made from solid one piece construction. The yoke bush of Globe Valve has a long thread engagement for accurate stem alignment. The standard range of Reliable Globe Valve in sizes of up to 24" (600mm)

Specifications & Standards

Valve Design
Pressure Testing
Pressure Temp. Rating
Face to Face
Flange Drilling
Butt Weld En
Socket Weld End
Screwed End
: BS 1873 . ANSI B 16.34
: BS 6755 Part I
: ANSI B 16.34
: ANSI B 16.10 / DIN STD.
: ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table / IN / IS Std.
: ANSI B 16.25
: ANSI B 16.11
: ANSI B 1.20.1 / ANSI B 2.1 (BSP/NPT)

Pressure & Temperature Rating

Valves manufactured by Reliable Valves shall be furnished in one of the following classes:

- PN 20 (class 150)
- PN 50 (class 300)
- PN 64 (class 400)
- PN 100 (class 600)
- PN 150 (class 900)
- PN 250 (class 1500)
- PN 420 (class 2500)


Reliable Valves manufacture globe valve for 2" to 24" Size
Reliable Valve BS-1873
- Globe Valve
reliable valves
  • ISO 9001: 2008 by Det Norske Veritas A.S.
  • Fire Safe (API 607) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • Fire Safe (API 6FA) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • PED Certificate by DNV A.S.
  • ATEX Certificate by DNV A.S.
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