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Reliable Valves is manufacturing some of the Christmas Tree Valve Equipments which is in the scope of API 6A: Specification for Christmas Tree Valve & Other Valve Equipments. The body of these Valve Products can be supplied in Cast Steel Valve and Forged Steel Valve.
1. Flow Line Gate Valve: Expanded and Slab Gates
2. Chokes: Adjustable & Positive
3. Loose Connectors: Bull Plugs, Valve Removal Plugs, Weld Neck Raised Face Flanges and Other End Connectors
4. Equipments: Cross & Tees
5. Gaskets: Ring Type Joint

These Valves and Chokes can be supplied with operators like:
1. Hand Operated Gear Box
2. Motor Operated
3. Pneumatic Operated
4. Hydraulic Operated
Flow Line Gate Valve Adjustable Choke Loose Connector Ring Gaskets
Flow Line Gate Valves, API-6A Valves Adjustable Chokes, API-6A Valves Loose Connectors, API-6A Valves Ring Gaskets, API-6A Valves
Tees & Crosses      
Tees & Crosses, API-6A Valve      
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