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Reliable Valves has got well defined resources and capability to Design and Manufacture Industry Valves for both Oil and Natural Gas Companies and Other Utility Companies.

Reliable Valves is manufacturing various types of Industry Valves in accordance to API 6D, API 600, BS 1873 & BS 5155. Also, manufacturing Christmas Tree Equipments in accordance to API 6A.

Though all products are designed and manufactured as per API standards and ASME specifications, we are not authorised to use the official API Monogram on any of our products.

Today, Reliable Valves is manufacturing these Valves products in, but not limited to Cast Steel Valves and Forged steel Valves along with Carbon Steel Valves, Stainless Steel Valves and other Alloy steels Valves.

Since these products are very critical in application and confirms reliability, each Valves product is Designed and Manufactured with total Technical and Quality compliance. Here every product is manufactured in line with approved General Arrangement Drawing and Quality Assurance Procedure. Also, products are delivered along with Material Test Certificate, Inspection cum Testing Certificate, Quality Conformance Certificate and Warranty Certificate. As desired from customer EN 10204-3.2 certificate can be submitted along with product documents.

Technical Data Sheet with Pressure Class, Size, Construction, Type and Technical Specification is detailed in every valve description.
Ball Valves Conduit Gate Valves Swing Check Valves Tapper Plug Valves
Ball Valves, API-6D Valves Conduit Gate Valves, API-6D Valves Swing Check Valves, API-6D Valves Tapper Plug Valves, API-6D Valves
Steel Gate Valves Flow Line Gate Valves Adjustable Chokes Loose Connectors
Steel Gate Valves, API-600 Valves Flow Line Gate Valves, API-6A Valves Adjustable Chokes, API-6A Valves Loose Connectors, API-6A Valves
Ring Gaskets Tees and Crosses
Ring Gaskets, API-6A Valves Tees and Crosses, API-6A Valves
BS-1873 Valves
Globe Valves      
Globe Valves, BS-1873 Valves      
BS-5155 Valves
Butterfly Valves      
Butterfly Valves, BS-5155 Valves      
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