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Why Reliable?
Simply, Because Reliable the self explanatory word means Able to be trusted. Reliable Valves engineers & the entire team is dedicated & committed to bring improvement in quality inturn satisfaction to customers.
Reliable Valves strive to provide customer satisfaction by various means & ways such as:
- Adherence to technical specifications
- Introducing & practicing quality in every walk of the life
- Investment for desire quality products
- Timely delivery is the promise statement
- Hand holding to the products sold
As we 'Believe in Success' our esteemed customers shall not be kept away from the Success path.
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  • ISO 9001: 2008 by Det Norske Veritas A.S.
  • Fire Safe (API 607) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • Fire Safe (API 6FA) by Det Norske Veritas A S
  • PED Certificate by DNV A.S.
  • ATEX Certificate by DNV A.S.
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Reliable Valves, Valve Manufacturer
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